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VGAVision Group of Aviation

Vision Group of Aviation (VGA) Aircraft Maintenance Training Centerand Flying School is reputedly the country´s one of the best training center today.

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Vision Group of Aviation

                   VGA Out-sourcing Company             

 Vision Group Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Training Center &  Out-sourcing Company 

A.     Business ObjectiveCreation of Exclusive General Aviation and Airline Flight Function Process Outsourcing.
1 It is the business objective to create a business entity that will provide a wholistic and outsourcing of technical service fulfillment and training that will ensure a one-stop-shop maintenance function to cater to the general aviation and airline industry of the country.

2.Provide a centralized processing and administration of technical manpower requirement not limited to providing logistic support for the over-all requirement of the general aviation and airline business in the country.

3.Manpower resource management shall be the forerunner business objective with the primary  creation of multi business expectation  that will provide the technical and the human resources management to service the different function requirement of the general aviation and airline industry of the country.

4.Human Resource Management shall mean the development and training of the following general function categories:
a.Providing technical maintenance crew to perform equipment/aircraft maintenance.

b.Providing cockpit course management for aviation personalities

c.Providing cabin crew course management to provide standard customer service expectation.

d.Other functions for training and development

5.Creation of business continuity plan to ensure consistent demand for the employment of technical manpower personnel.Sustain  employment and demand for aircraft maintenance technology graduates and other related aviation technical courses by creating business opportunities unique to the airline and general aviation industry such as the offering of outsourced service fulfillment of aircraft maintenance  complemented by the inherent technical training and orientations required in the delivery of service and expectations